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Stryker Hip Recall Guide

Our goal is to provide our visitors with the latest medical and legal information available regarding the recall of two Stryker Hip products, the Stryker Rejuvenate and the Stryker ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems. Our homepage is set up to give our visitors an overview of the Stryker recall issues with more detailed information provided in the pages that follow.


The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that over 230,000 full hip replacements are completed each year in the United States alone. For many years medical device manufacturers used plastic and ceramic material to produce artificial hip components. In recent years the Stryker Corporation, as well as many other medical device manufactures, have developed metal-on-metal (MOM’s) components in an effort to provide more flexibility for hip replacement patients. Unfortunately, these devices appear to have been introduced to the market without adequate testing.

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuits

In July of 2012, the Stryker Corporation issued a recall notice for their metal-on-metal devices wherein they admitted that “post-market surveillance” of the products had caused the company to remove them from the market and to issue a recall for those products already in use. The plain truth of the matter is that Stryker has received a significant number of complaints regarding the use of these devices including premature device failure, and tissue and bone death. Of all the complications, metallosis is one of the most severe. It is caused when the components of the hip replacement rub against each other which causes microscopic pieces of metal to shed and migrate to other parts of the body.

How Can We Help

It is our mission to guide our visitors to a better understanding of the health concerns they face as well as provide them with resources to seek the best possible recovery. Please feel free to contact our experienced staff with any unique questions you may have regarding the recalled Stryker hip products that have been recalled.

For those visitors that are also concerned about the legal ramifications involved in the Stryker recall, we will be happy to assist with that too. Unfortunately the complications from having to undergo hip revision surgery to remove a Stryker hip and to repair both the original problem and the possible damage caused by the recalled hip will be with you for the foreseeable future, possibly for the rest of your life. Let our experienced staff guide you through the claims process in an effort to restore your personal and financial health.

How to Take Legal Action

Given the potential severity of the injuries that have been caused by the recalled Stryker products, every patient who was implanted with one of the recalled devices should consult with a highly respected medical device law firm before making a decision to accept any settlement offered by Stryker. Merely talking with a lawyer does not commit you to filing a lawsuit. What it will do for you and your family is give you all the information necessary to make a sound choice as to how you wish to proceed.

You will only get one chance to protect yourself and your family from the short and long term consequences of these faulty products. Don’t be pushed into a settlement that is unfavorable and inadequate to protect you and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced hip replacement attorney.

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